Our Story

Sorelle Home & Lifestyles is the dream of sisters, Tracy Holthus and Krystal Holthus (Sorelle is Italian for sisters), and is a nod to the special relationship and friendship they share with each other, and their third sister, GayLynn, as well as numerous women who are more sister than friend.  While GayLynn, and mother Jackie, reside in Nebraska, both have been instrumental in the creation of Sorelle Home & Lifestyles and of creating unique and beautiful floral arrangements in our new location in Greenwood Village, CO.

Having over 30+ year experience with retail in both Nebraska and Colorado Springs (including Tansi’s), Tracy and Krystal are the former owners and proprietors of Wild at Heart and Daffodil’s Gourmet Market, which serviced Colorado Springs for over 20 years.

Many of our customers who helped Wild at Heart grow and thrive will be excited to hear that the two babies who inspired, and grew up on the sales floor of Wild at Heart, are now twenty-something and have been instrumental in establishing Sorelle Home and Lifestyles. Alexandria, who is an artist and counselor, (and mom to Arlo and Boden) designed and drew the Sorelle logo, which has three leaves, representative of the three Holthus sisters. Chase is skilled at remodeling and customer service, helping run and manage the day to day operations of Sorelle Home and Lifestyles.